Terms of Services and Hiring


Computer Support Plans / Service Contracts are any service in which you pay a recurring fee for services related to ongoing computer support. including but not limited to our worry-free plan at https://myaz.tech/unlimited.

Recurring Services Additional Terms are terms that apply to any service in which apply to a recurring service but may not be specific only to the aforementioned service contract above.

Web Design would be any time we create or build a website for you.

Network Management is a service we provide to [commonly remotely] troubleshoot and assist with network-related concerns on network equipment we set up.

Web Hosting / Hosting is our service which your website and/or files remain on a server owned or rented by us.

General, Scheduling, Pricing Terms and Your Responsibility apply to all services. If we’re not working on your technology, specific terms may not apply.

General Terms

By using the services of US Tech Support Solutions, LLC or Your Personal Ninja (https://yourpersonal.ninja), you understand the services, and any products rendered from the services, are sold as-is.
We assume no liability for any loss, damage, injury, or claim of any kind or character to any person or property, including, but not limited to, you or any third party, arising from, relating to, or in connection with the service(s) provided hereunder or any transaction between us under these Terms of Services and Hiring.
Any waivers of rights must be in writing and no prior waiver will affect a party’s rights as to a subsequent breach. Our rights and remedies shall be distinct, separate, and cumulative. No action or inaction by us shall operate to exclude or deprive us of any other rights allowed to us by law.
We will be excused from our obligations if our performance is prevented by events outside of our reasonable control, including, without limitation, third-party action or inaction, acts of God, wars, riots, strikes or other labor disputes, natural disasters, fire, or severe weather.
SEVERABILITY: If any part of these Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall continue to be binding and effective.
GOVERNING LAW AND ATTORNEYS’ FEES: Our agreement and these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Arizona without recourse to conflicts of law principles. In any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement, or the breach thereof, the prevailing party shall be awarded all costs, attorneys’ fees, and other expenses incurred by such prevailing party.
ASSIGNMENT: Our agreement and these Terms and Conditions may not be transferred, delegated or assigned by either party without the prior written consent of the other party, except that we may assign the agreement and these Terms and Conditions in connection with the sale of our business or a merger with a third party. These Terms and Conditions shall be binding upon and shall inure to the benefit of the successors and assignees of you and us.

Your satisfaction is important. We will attempt to stay within your budget best we can, sometimes that will come with sacrifices and workarounds. Unfortunately, we are not Wizards and cannot wave a wand and instantly fix problems. By hiring us you hire us to troubleshoot, not fix. We cannot guarantee anything due to the complexity of computers and humans. You are paying for our time and expertise, not a fix. Any and all time we spend working with you is billable unless stated otherwise. If you are purchasing a recurring service it is up to you to utilize it. You are not entitled or promised anything other than what is presented on your invoice if purchasing a product. You agree to maintain patience and attempt to move forward in the tech world, heeding our recommendations. We will do our best to make sure you have a pleasant support experience. We will do our best to help as quickly as possible, but we cannot guarantee availability.
We reserve the right to terminate services at any time without compensation. You understand that we may not provide additional work completed outside the scope of our contract with you and the services provided come with no warranty.

No Disparagement. You agree that you will not disparage US Tech Support Solutions, LLC, Your Personal Ninja, or any affiliate in any manner harmful to the other’s business or personal reputation. Specifically, you agree that you will make no unfavorable or critical, complaints, statements or writings, regarding this matter or regarding US Tech Support Solutions, LLC, Your Personal Ninja, or any affiliate, including, but not limited to any individual, organization, business or internet entity, whether or not the complaints, statements or writings rise to the level of damaging, slanderous or libelous.his section shall not apply to communications required by law. Should you fail to comply with the No Disparagement provision, you agree to pay US Tech Support Solutions, LLC, Your Personal Ninja, or any affiliate liquidated damages in the amount of $5,000.00 as reasonable damages for each violation. You understand that it would be difficult to calculate with specificity all damages if there is a breach of No Disparagement provision and agree that such liquidated damages represent a reasonable and good faith estimate of those damages. Such liquidated damages shall not be exclusive but shall be in addition to any other legal or equitable remedies available to the non-breaching Party as well as any attorney fees and costs pursuant to the claim.

Acceptance of Terms – By accepting these terms you accept all clauses relevant to the services you’re currently enrolled in, contracted with, contacting us about, using or purchasing.

Acceptance of Rate Changes -By accessing or using our services, you acknowledge that you are responsible for reviewing any updated rates, fees, or charges as they are released. You acknowledge that updates to the rates, fees, or charges may occur periodically, and your use of the services after such updates constitutes your agreement to the new rates, fees, or charges.

Confidentiality – You agree not to share, publicly comment on, discuss in any means, any page on this website that is not included in search results, or any private conversations.

Remote support Software – Upon utilizing our services, you acknowledge and agree that: (i) we will automatically install remote support software on your computer to enable more efficient future support without the need for your constant intervention; (ii) this software grants us the ability to remotely monitor your computer for potential threats such as viruses, spyware, disk issues, updates and other improvements at our discretion; (iii) while we may modify system or application data to address technical issues, we will refrain from accessing personal files unless directly related to a service request you’ve submitted or in the event of a potential security concern; (iv) if we detect any potential issues, we commit to notifying you promptly; (v) when you seek our assistance, the software may enable us to automatically log in and address your concerns; and (vi) the software will remain on your device unless you request its removal, although we reserve the right to refuse such requests. By having our software on your computer, you continuously grant us permission to access your device remotely for purposes related to this clause, regardless of whether you have an active support plan in place.

Your Privacy is respected. All your information is confidential, secure and used solely for billing, marketing and support purposes. Data may be stored on third-party servers. You consent to give me access to install, remove, modify or access your computer for, but not limited to, maintenance purposes. I reserve the right to access any account you provide access to at any time.

Recording – Calls, In Person and Remote Sessions may be recorded for reference and compliance purposes.

Cookies are used on this site to remember when to show popups and for analytics.

Accounts created and provided to you are owned by us unless stated otherwise.

Password Management – Any passwords you send me for accounts will be stored securely in 1Password, encrypted drives and any corresponding emails. By sending us any passwords to your accounts, you accept any and all risks of allowing us to see your passwords. We will respect your privacy, but you agree to not hold us liable for damages related to the storage of your password or accounts including, but not limited to negligence claims.

Vulnerability Testing, by communicating with me you authorize me to perform social engineering testing on you or related peers as well as vulnerability scans on your website, router, email and computer.

Standards and recommendations, by default, unless specified ahead of time, any and all changes to your device(s)/equipment will be done to my standards and my recommendations will automatically be enacted.

Your email, telephone number, or cell phone number may be used for marketing. By agreeing to do business with us, you provide express written consent for telephone calls, text messages, SMS messages, and other similar communication to your cell phone, land-line, or other phone numbers you have provided to us. Notifications and Chats may be sent to your computer to update you about discounts, system problems, and updates. Don’t worry! It’s rare. If you wish to opt out of these, you may do so by emailing [email protected].

Products not Supported, while I will do my best to support anything and everything there are always those few problem programs and services, commonly Old Operating Systems, Internet Explorer, Outlook/Apple Mail, and ISP Mail Services. I reserve the right to stop supporting any program or service at any time for any reason.

Information Collected is stored on third party systems until removal is requested and/or until the expiration.

Affiliate Links. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

Quoted Equipment. Any equipment we quote for may, if supply chain disrupts stock, be switched out for another product of similar capability and value.

Equipment left with us longer than 30 days with no follow up communication is subject to disposal.
Billable Time. Any requests sent to us are billed based on 5 minutes per email or text message if time is not explicitly tracked or stated.

Any Reference to I, we, us, me, or similar in these terms refers to US Tech Support Solutions, LLC., DBA AZConceptPhoto.com, Your Personal Ninja, Elite Real Estate Tech Services or affiliated.

Inclimate Weather – We are not liable for delays or cancellations related to weather.

All terms are in effect unless stated otherwise in writing.

Terms are subject to change without notice.

Scheduling Terms

Hours of availability: Email support will be addressed as available throughout the day. All requests are commonly answered by EoD M-F. You can see https://myaz.tech/schedule for current scheduling availability. We are closed on all federal holidays.

Reschedules of appointments is limited to 1. You agree to be ready for your appointment within 15 minutes of the scheduled time. You must reschedule 48 hours ahead of time or you will be billed for a full hour plus any travel time at full cost.

Scheduled Times on our end cannot always be guaranteed. Please note we may have a +/- 30 min arrival/start on certain appointments.

Cancellations of appointments in which a deposit was required or received are not allowed. Deposits paid are non-refundable.

Pricing Terms

Rates: Current rates can be seen here.

Payments may be in the form of ACH, cash, credit, or debit (processing fees may apply for credit or debit). Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payments are due at the time of service. Payment plans may be available to fit your budget. Payments must be on time. Failure to be on time will be considered non-payment. Late fees may be assessed at up to our standard rate for invoices not paid on time. We reserve the right to charge a late fee every five days that an invoice is overdue.

Chargebacks. By working with me, you agree not to file any chargebacks after any time has been spent working with you, as you are paying for time and not a product. You may come to me if you are not satisfied with the service provided. We’re always happy to go above and beyond. Should a chargeback be filed, it will be considered theft, and you may be sent a bill for any time taken in relation to the chargeback.

Any discounted worry free support plan will have 2 hours of remote support per year instead of one hour per month. Plans that have been discounted will not include bundled services or sharing and are limited to 30 gigabytes of data backup. A discount is defined as less than the standard rate advertised at https://myaz.tech/unlimited.

Virus Removal Flat Rates only cover the removal of the virus causing your stated issue. No other problems will be addressed by default. The rate is subject to change mid-job without notice if completion takes more than 2 hours.

Virus Removal Software may be used on various cleanups. You may be charged for the cost of the anti-virus product that is used without notice.

Outsourcing may be used to meet your needs and/or budget.

Non-Payment, Hostility, Aggression or Deceit will not be tolerated, We reserve the right to remotely lock your computer(s), technologies, and/or any services we control or temporarily encrypt data until debts are met. Should payment be unable to be collected, you will be in breach of these terms and will be liable for any and all fees, payments, or services related to collecting funds owed. We reserve the right to wipe all data we have access to. You authorize us to use any legal means necessary to retrieve the necessary payment.

Fees for Above Clause – We request that you maintain composure and collaborate with us to manage your emotional response to your technology. We reserve the right to charge you up to $600 per occurrence for any of the above behaviors, as they cause undue stress and reduce productivity.

Company Contacts, the person who’s names shows on the invoice, will become responsible for the debt owed by a company should the company fall into Non-Payment.

Non-Payment – Equipment ownership, by failing to pay or being more than 30 days overdue, you effectively transfer ownership of any tech we supported to us until payment is met.

Discounts may be offered for referrals or repeat clientèle. Discounts or altered terms must in writing and must be taken advantage of within 60 days to be honored.

Returns or Refunds are prohibited. All sales are final. The only exception to this is within the Cancellation section under Recurring Services.

Refund or Return Exception. Should we accommodate a return of any items we purchased on your behalf, you may be charged a minimum of one hour at our full in-person standard rate plus any additional time required to complete the return. If the return is part of a project, we reserve the right to charge our full in-person standard rate for the project hours. You are also responsible for any shipping costs, restocking fees, or other associated costs. We do not guarantee a complete refund and are not responsible for returning the entire amount paid as we state all sales are final on all quotes and invoices as well as these terms.

Time Limitations – Payments for future work expire 1 month from the payment date. This means if you pay me for a service or product but don’t schedule, contact me or reply to any communications in a timely manner to complete said work, install, or related, you forfeit any equipment ordered and/or payment.

Automated billing – By working with me, hiring me, scheduling with me, or entering in any yearly, monthly, daily term; you agree to allow me to securely save your credit card number and/or bank info to charge when any form of payment is due. Acceptance of these terms is a pre-authorization for future billings, invoices or money owed.

Extended Warranties may be available for products purchased through us. These are not a guarantee. An extended warranty may prorate money off for a replacement product should an extended warranty be available. You must be an active client on a recurring plan to take advantage of any offered extended warranty.

Any pricing we offer is subject to change at any time without notice.

Computer Support Plans / Service Contracts

Removing or tampering with software, account permissions or equipment we install or maintain is prohibited during any support plan timeframe.

Allotted times for monthly packages are billed in 15-minute increments. Support requests that take longer than 15 minutes will count against your allotted time.

Admin Abilities may be removed for asset/software protection.

Response Goals will vary on the request and your agreement. Our standard response goal is within 1 business day.

Backups are available upon request and are stored on secure servers using up to 256-bit encryption. We reserve the right to back up any machines with our software. There is no guarantee that data will always be recoverable. All backup accounts will be owned by us. Attempting to access backups by circumventing us is prohibited. Prices are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to charge a fee based on our hourly rate to restore large amounts of data. Included backups are up to 950GB on select plans. Plans that include backups are for a single computer. Additional computers will be quoted and billed for.

Cyber Security Software is billed per machine.

Rollover time is only valid if you maintain a paid service contract and expires one year after obtaining it. The maximum time is 2 hours. You get 15-25 (depending on which service you use it for) minutes per month where no support is used. Rollover will be reset after each request and must be used all at once. Valid only on remote service or service where you come to us. Rollover time is not available on 1 year plans.

Sharing your service plan is allowed on any plan costing more than $300/year. Shared services are limited to Email support and remote support. Time using the sharing service goes against your allotted time. In-person, fees will be discounted for the first hour. You may share benefits with a max of 2 people. Sharing is not available on one year plans.

Time Sensitive Requests and those that may require us to work on requests in a more immediate timeframe may be billed at up to two times our standard in person rate depending on the circumstances. This is at our discretion.

Commercial Use – Our plans are fully available for commercial use. Plans used for commercial use will not include bundled services or rollover hours.

Annual Free In Person Includes 30 mins. Utilization of this service will automatically adjust your plan to the current annual pricing, as displayed on the purchase button posted here. You commit to maintaining your support plan for a full two years following each service. Out of state users will get in person support every two to three years at our discretion.

Equipment Insurance / Replacement is only valid on pre-specified items and comes with no guarantees. By utilizing this service or submitting a claim, you agree to keep your plan active for a minimum of two full billable years from the date of the claim.

Repeat Issues/Excessive Time – Should any problem, question, issue or support request become time-consuming and/or repetitive, you may be billed at up to two times our standard in person rate for additional time spent troubleshooting or working on the said issue.

Dollar Support / Support For a Dollar – https://www.ustech.ninja/dollarsupport/ – Is a trial period for our unlimited plan (https://myaz.tech/unlimited). The trial period is 14 days. Trial includes 30 minutes of support, BitDefender Advanced Security and 50 gigs of data backups (optional, set up time counts toward support time). Once support or service is utilized, you will be billed automatically for the full plan price seen at https://myaz.tech/buy-unlimited. Cancellations of trial must be 48 hours ahead of trial end date.

Bundled Services – Are an offering at our discretion. You agree to the terms of the 3rd party stated in your quote as well. Accounts we create on your behalf are owned by us and may be terminated at any time for any reason. We reserve the right to discontinue the bundled service at any time for any reason. If you opt in for a bundled service you commit to maintaining your support plan for at least one future year until after the bundled service is canceled. In Example. If you start your bundled service in 2022, and cancel in 2023, you must maintain a fully paid plan until the end of your 2024 billing period. Should you cancel your service with us, you will be liable for a cancelation fee equal to that of paying for an entire year of the bundled service plus any other applicable fees as defined by these terms. Bundling service removes sharing and rollover hours.

Recurring Services – Additional Terms

Auto-Renewal – For any recurring service, Your contract will auto-renew at the originally agreed-upon timeframe length until canceled.
The default contract timeframe for recurring services is 2 years unless otherwise stated.

Exclusivity – Any recurring or managed services you purchase give us exclusivity to servicing what you hired us for. No one else may work on your related equipment or software in a technical position without our prior written consent.

Vendor Pricing – If a vendor changes a rate that directly or indirectly affects a recurring service, pricing will be adjusted to account for the change at the next billing cycle.

Website Modifications as part of a monthly service may not be modifications that take more than 45 minutes to complete. Should you need changes that require more time, it may be counted as more than one of your allotted modifications, or you may be billed our hourly rate for the change.

Credits that we send may be used at any time before the expiration date. Credits may not be available to be used in full at once. When you use a credit, you agree to keep your support plan active for a full year after you use the credit.


Your intention to cancel must be communicated to us in writing. This can be done by sending an email to [email protected] or the provided support email. The email subject must be “Plan Cancellation – [Your Name or Business]” – failure to adhere to this will render any cancellation attempts invalid. We may require an exit interview, which will be determined at our discretion.

If you decide to cancel within 12 hours of purchase, and we haven’t begun providing services, you may receive a full refund unless stated otherwise on your contract, invoice, or quote. Post the 12-hour period, you can only cancel after your initial plan has run for 90 days, provided that your next billing cycle is not within 30 days.

Should you cancel services midway through your contract (for example, at the end of year 1 of a 2-year contract), you will still be billed for the remaining period (in this example, year 2).

On cancellation, access to any backups, hosted websites, and managed networks will be terminated. We retain the right to delete and/or remove any and all backups at our discretion. Any apps installed for use with the service may also be removed upon cancellation. We also reserve the right to deactivate and delete any accounts we created on your behalf.

If your account had benefited from discounts or complimentary offers during the billing year for which you canceled, the discounted or complimentary invoices become payable immediately upon cancellation. The amount due will be calculated according to our standard in-person rate.

Any hardware firewall devices, such as Firewalla, must be returned to us in their original condition within 7 days of cancellation. Failure to return these devices will result in a charge of twice their purchase price.

Cancellation Fee: We reserve the right to impose a cancellation fee of up to $500.

Additional support plan, service contract or worry free terms on sub pages may apply

Equipment Trials

Equipment loaned as a trial or financed come with no support until the equipment or support plan is purchased. Trial periods are 7 days. A refundable deposit (should you decide not to keep it) will be required for equipment on loan, financed, and during any free trial period. Further, your credit card must stay up to date the entire time the equipment is in your possession. Failed payments may result in an immediate charge for the full price of the equipment plus a minimum of two hours at our full standard in person rate as well as remote deactivation. Should equipment be returned, it must be returned with all original accessories and in the new condition, it was received. Mileage and additional fees may be assessed (see rates section) for initial setup or equipment pickup should time costing circumstances arise. Should you not cancel the free trial (within 24 hours of it ending) and arrange a pickup or dropoff (within 48 hours of canceling) you will be charged for the equipment and setup. Network remote management may be enabled on equipment for troubleshooting. Management and network support must be provided solely by us unless otherwise stated. Complex network setups may be charged an additional hourly on top of the included support fee.

Equipment Purchases

Any equipment set up by us is only guaranteed maintenance for as long as agreed to in writing. We reserve the right to maintain a management connection even after the delivery of any equipment and past the original term, however, we reserve the right to charge for support or any continued connection if you are not paying explicitly for support of the said device. This is for the life of the device or until we terminate any agreement. Devices no longer managed by us may be reset back to factory settings.

Travel or Concierge Purchases

Any travel purchases are booked on your behalf. They are not refundable. Changes cannot be guaranteed. We reserve the right to charge our standard rate for any time spent on changes or past the original booking. Third party terms may apply.


Referrals, do not guarantee any commissions or related kickbacks unless agreed upon in writing. Any referral agreements will expire automatically in 60 days if no paying referrals are sent unless otherwise stated in writing. All referrals must put your name in the specific form field when scheduling and you must notify us of who you referred ahead of time.

Business Partnership Plans

Business Partnership Plans, labeled with B2B in your quote, includes no guarantees. The services provided on trade are at our discretion. Partnership plans default to one-year contracts unless stated otherwise. During this time, you must publicly state you are in partnership with US Tech Support Solutions, LLC and link back to our homepage on any online medium you are recommending us. In order to receive commissions, the referral must put your email in the appropriate field during scheduling. Should the agreement be abandoned and no terms be met, you will be billed for our worry-free consulting service (as seen here: https://myaz.tech/unlimited).

Web Hosting

Hosting any website or files comes with no warranty or liability. We are not liable for your files.

Right to Deny Access – We reserve the right to deny access for any reason to files on any server in our control or name.

Modifications to your Website – If you don’t pay for any sort of monthly maintenance, there will be a fee based on our standard rates for accessing, changing your website or downloading anything on your behalf.

No Cancellations If you are paying upfront for hosting, there are no cancellations or refunds. If you maintain your own site, you must adhere to the terms of service seen here as well.
We reserve the right to access and change your files for, but not limited to, security and maintenance.

Downtime – We are not responsible for monitoring your site unless specifically specified otherwise in writing. We are not responsible for fixing issues with your site unless specifically specified otherwise in writing.

Vendor Terms – Should your site exceed bandwidth, pose a potential security threat, or otherwise be out of the scope of other hosted sites, I reserve the right to bill my hourly rate for any necessary corrections to comply with my vendors.

Security – Should your site become a potential security threat, you may be billed at up to our hourly rate for corrections.

Web Design

Approval and Further Changes – once a website has been approved for final upload, should any changes be required, you may be charged our standard hourly rate for such changes unless you have a web maintenance package. If work takes more than initially charged for, I reserve the right to charge for extra hours worked.

Templates and Added Plugins – The cost of the template is not included in the price of design unless explicitly stated.

Search Engine Optimization is not guaranteed, We cannot guarantee your spot on Google or other search engines.

Backlink and Design Credit – We reserve the right to add a backlink to us as the web developer in the footer and backlink to our site(s). During the time our work is used, or any site we helped work on, this link must stay live, even after our services are no longer rendered. You agree not to remove or tamper with said links.

Photography/Videography Terms

Model Release By using our services in any way shape or form as a photographer, you release any and all images/video of you, your family or anyone in your group or at your venue to be used in any way we feel necessary. We maintain all rights to images/video unless otherwise specified in writing.

Permission is irrevocable. By scheduling with us, You give us unrestrained right to distribute, edit, use, publish, reproduce or otherwise exploit any images/video we create.

Copyright belongs solely to US Tech Support Solutions, LLC DBA SpyOnAZ.com, AZConceptPhoto.com.

Approvals – You waive any right to inspect or approve images/video or text, graphics and other content created in connection or combined with said images/video.

Compensation – You will not receive any compensation in relation to images/video taken.

Onsite Time – Onsite time is at our discretion regardless of agreed-upon times. We reserve the right to end the onsite once we have deemed the photoshoot complete.

Additional photography details and terms can be seen at https://spyonaz.com/faq

Your Responsibility

Ask questions if you’re unsure about something. Bring issues to us that you have as soon as they happen. We cannot help with what we do not know you are having trouble with. Do not disregard the information we send you. Information we send is sent to you for your benefit.

Timely Responsesare required for all communications. Failure to respond to email, text, or other messages within 72 hours will be considered an abuse of the service and may be considered non-payment and you may be charged for the time it takes us to follow up at the standard rate. If we have to follow up consistently to get a response you will be charged one hour at double our standard rate for each attempt. You agree to be timely and respectful.

Opting Out (or unsubscribing) of Communication or updates is not allowed while you are on an active support plan.

Keeping your information Updated. Make sure to keep your card updated on PayPal or notify me of card changes as soon as possible. Your credit card on file must maintain enough of a balance for auto-billing.

Relevant Dates – Please make sure to keep your renewal date on your calendar. It is your responsibility to be aware of renewal dates.

Keep records for support and training provided to be able to reference for future use.
Make sure to follow our support request guidelines that are provided to you. for requesting assistance. This will ensure a more pleasant and efficient support experience.

Maintain Respect – Any form of hostility, aggression, blaming or related behavior will NOT be tolerated.

Know and review our welcome page at that gets sent out if you are on a support plan. This contains additional details and terms for the services rendered.
If you are on a support plan, please make sure to notify us a minimum of three days ahead of time about potential technology changes so we can be sure it’s the best option for you and/or so we can prepare to be ready to assist with the change.
Contract or Terms Violation – Failure to fulfill your responsibilities or violation of terms that do not carry their own violation fee may result in a $500 fine plus billable time at up to double our standard in person rate for any time spent on related activities. Any fees are per occurrence.

Authorized Reseller