Forget the Mesh Networks

Mesh networks, they’re the new fad in networking.

You may have heard of some of the popular ones, such as Eero and Google Wifi. There are two major downsides to them. They lack customizability, and you’d rather have this and not need it than need it and not have it. They are also expensive. In other words, for the same price, you can get something with much more ability.

Okay, so what ability and what do you suggest?

You could very easily roll with a Ubiquiti network setup and gain the same performance and reliability, with the added bonus of being able to increase security, perform monitoring and logging.

Ubiquiti, what’s that?

Ubiquiti is a maker of Enterprise grade equipment. Similar to the equipment you find in hotels and corporate offices. Capable of handling many devices and a lot of bandwidth without blinking. See our other articles, here and here.

Will it make my network less jittery and more stable?

100%. While mileage may vary, I’m pretty confident you won’t look back once you’ve tried it. We’ve done tests such as running Netflix on multiple devices at once, maintaining a long time VPN connection and large file downloads and uploads, all at the same time. Of course, some of this will depend on the speeds you pay for.

Is it compatible with Provider XYZ?

The devices just replace your Router, not your modem. So it works with any provider.

Okay, you’ve got me, I’m curious to check it out or want to hear more.

Awesome! We’re sure you’ll love it.

Did you know that you get free Network Support for a year when you purchase from us?

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