Product Recommendation: Ubiquiti Edgerouter and Unifi Access Points

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I’ve posted once before about Ubiquiti when I first got it, which goes a lot more in-depth than this post will. Click here if you want to see it.  I wanted to make a follow-up post. Since purchasing mine and using it very heavily, albeit with a very simple setup, at home, I’ve since set up another 15 for clients. Most of the clients I’ve set up networking equipment were having anything from issues with Speed, Intermittent Wifi, Connections dropping, to Streaming and VPN troubles. Original equipment varied from old routers to high-end consumer routers. I can easily say that there hasn’t been a falter or blip with any of the networks since.

Anyway, onto the equipment itself. The Edgerouters are metal and sturdy. They handle hundreds of gigabytes of traffic like a dream when set up properly.  The Unifi Access points are able to handle more than 6 families worth of devices, all streaming Netflix at once. Range of the Long Range AP (access point) is wonderful, and a single ap will easily cover a 2500 sq foot home. If you’re heavy on network usage, you can jump to the AC Pro, which has simultaneous 5ghz and 2.4ghz.

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