EdgeRouter Lite Quick First Impressions

EdgeRouter Lite Quick First Impressions

The EdgeRouter Lite is my new favorite router.

I got the EdgeRouter Lite by Ubiquiti on Friday. I’m to the point of having spend multiple hours tweaking and configuring.  I’m to the point I’ll never look back at another consumer router the same.

Not only has it kept up with my 300mbps speed, but no longer am I getting lag when streaming while my roommate plays World of Tanks. The UI is amazing and super configurable with minimal to no command line usage needed, at least not for my needs.

While this router is amazing, I don’t recommend non-techies to try to configure one on their own. For that, I offer a service to set one up for you! Click here for that one.

  • Price – For $90 on Amazon Prime. I have no complaints.
  • UI – The user interface is clean, fast and easy to use.
  • Performance – This thing is damn fast, and keeps up with quite a bit. Ports are capable of handling 3 Gbps.
  • Build Quality – Enterprise level quality, all metal body.
  • Ports – There are only three ethernet ports, which means one will be used for WAN, and only two LAN. If you need more, you’ll need an additional switch. There’s also a serial/console port, which can be used for troubleshooting. Ports are not switched.
  • Wifi – There isn’t any. It’s straight ethernet. You will need to buy an access point if you need wifi.
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