A quick truth about All in One Routers

The simple answer is that they’re terrible. It’s like hiring a plumber to build your house. They try to do the job of what should be ideally 3 devices. Your modem, your router/firewall, your wifi.

So what happens when they try to do this? Commonly they’re not as efficient as splitting it up. Imagine trying to drive through three lanes of traffic while eating a messy hamburger while trying to read a book. That’s what your all in one router does. They may work, but not as efficiently as they should.

A real life example. We replaced Cox’s panoramic wifi with our Edgerouter and Unifi Bundle in a home office. Their signal shot through the roof and their speeds tripled. Of course your mileage will vary, but overall there’s a much better option than wasting money on all in one’s.

So what’s the alternative? Reach out to us and we’ll custom build you a better option! Or if you prefer the manual route, click here.

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