Need Help Paying Your Support Bill?

If you’re unable to pay your support bill, there are a couple options to get settled.


Set up Monthly or Weekly Recurring Payments

We can set up a definitive number of payments to get you settled. Let us know what you can afford monthly or weekly and we’ll get something set up for you! Support services will be suspended until balance is met here.

Pay Via Paypal Credit

If your credit is good, you can commonly get a 6 month, zero interest loan from Paypal, which can in turn be used to pay your bill. Then you can make zero interest payments over time and still get access to support services.

Utilize our Concierge Service

Our concierge service is a shopping portal that allows you to potentially save money or time on everyday purchases. It can also be used to pay off an existing bill. Different purchases will yield different amounts back. There are some consistent categories as seen below. Though there’s always a chance of higher returns on some products as we get deals from our vendors. The percentages below are the percentage of what you spend that can be utilized for your bill.

  • Travel – up to 5%
  • Groceries – Up to 8%
  • Gas – Up to 1.5%
  • Consumer Electronics – Up to 10%
  • Hilton Hotels – Up to 6%
  • Restaurants and Food Delivery – Up to 5%
  • Amazon – Up to 2.5%

These are not the only categories, send us what you are looking for, virtually every purchase will count for at least a percentage. We’ve seen some times where some purchases can yield as high as 50%, but it varies. In any case, every little bit counts.


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