Troubleshooting Multiple Internet Outages – Ubiquiti Owner

So you already have our recommended internet setup, or have had it for some time and are still having trouble.

Here are the troubleshooting steps we’d be taking to determine where the problem lies. 

Remember, always consult with an expert like us before making tech decisions. This can save you money and time. 

This route replaces equipment by trial and error in a sequential and logical manner based on the most likely to fail. Only replace if you are having consistent outages more than once a month. As with all our internet recommendations, we advise staying away from All in One Routers and any tech the ISP recommends. Our systems are proven and reliable, though all tech eventually needs replacement.

  • Have your ISP check your connection and wiring.
    • Is it good? Continue.
    • If it’s bad have them remedy
  • Replace Modem
    • Did it solve the issue? If not, continue.
  • Have us send you a new router
    • Did it solve the issue? If not, continue.
  1. How often does the outage occur?
    1. If this is a regular occurrence weekly or daily, something is definitely out of place. Continue.
    2. If this is an occasional occurrence, once a month or less, this potentially falls into the normal range of outages and you may not need to continue. 
  2. Check with your ISP. Confirm signals to the house are good. 
    1. If signals are fine, move on.
    2. If signals are poor, have them come out and investigate.
      ISP equipment is known to be less reliable.
  3. If when this occurs, are the modem lights going out? If you reboot the modem, does the entire network come back online?
    1. If yes on either and this is consistently a problem as per 1.1, then replace the modem with another Modem (stay away from modem/router combos) and see if the issue resolves.
    2. If no, there are two possible routes.
      1. Reboot the Router as well, sometimes with an outage, they BOTH need to be rebooted. This is normal on the occasion. 
      2. There could be an ISP outage.
  4. When your network goes out, are all lights on on the modem?
    1. If No, the modem might need replacing.
    2. If yes, router might need replacing.
  5. When your network goes out, is it just wifi not working? IE. You plugged into the router and that works.
    1. If yes, your Access point may need replacing
    2. If no, It could be the router.
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