Recommended upgrades and equipment for everyone.

Technology can sometimes be a pain. Though having the right equipment can certainly make all the difference. Not to say that the equipment on this list will be perfect, but it’s a step towards something better!
Make the Computer Faster – Solid State Drive
An SSD is a non-moving hard drive, the piece of equipment that stores your files, documents, and photos in your computer. The fact that it’s non-moving means it can increase speeds up to 10 times that of a conventional spinning drive. Click the following link to order!
Increase Internet Speeds and Network Stability – A Better Router
Your home router can be the cause of all or none of your network related frustrations. Experiencing slow performance, constant wifi or internet drops. It might be time to upgrade that old router to something with a little more oomph. You can also get a little extra security and constant updates. Most users will want the ERX and Unifi AC LR. See the corresponding links in this article.
Less time troubleshooting, more time printing. – A rock solid printer
This one I’ve written about before. See this article, click here:
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