Make Money via Referrals

Looking for side money? Got a lot of free time you spend at your computer? Well why not make that time productive. Actively seek out people who may need computer assistance and send them my way. You can make up to $600 per referral! Got some free time? Make a single post, sometimes that’s all it takes!

What you get for participating:

  • $10-50 paid on Consumer Subscription Referrals
  • $1-10 paid for Consumer referrals
  • 10-20% paid on Business referrals
  • Each free consult = $1 up to 10 until one needs a service
  • $0.10 per social media post (every 10 need to reach different audiences)
    • Posts must contain #ustechninja and #myaztech
  • You will get set up with a email address
  • You will get your own landing page
  • You will get a contact management login for the company
  • Free computer services (after your first 2 referrals)

What you would have to do:

  • Contact people and businesses and get them to schedule a free consultation.
    • Who: anyone. Consumers or small businesses.
    • How: Facebook, people you meet, businesses you go to, any way you find that works.
  • Record their contact info in the CRM system.
  • Post on social media about the services
  • Post on Craigslist for ads
  • Leave Reviews on Various Sites for me

Try a couple tactics below:

  • Bet your PC user friends that they have spyware on their computer, 90% of PC’s have spyware.
  • Post about my free computer checkup service. It’s a free consult, but if anything needs to be done, the client pays for it.
  • Post about my backup service. So many computers go without backups, then when they crash, it’s lots of time and money spent on data that may not be recoverable.
  • Expand on this post:

Services can be seen by clicking here

FAQ can be seen here

Note: Customers must pay full price, and can’t be budget seekers for you to get full payment. All referrals must be added to my CRM prior to sale to get credit. You get paid everything owed when referred purchases reach $150. Social Media post payments may be split up. 

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