Technology Services

I offer a variety of technology services that stand out and above. Take a look at the list below!

  • Your Personal Tech Ninja – Worry-Free Consulting – See Details and my FAQ
    • This is my low-cost yearly service that gives you access to a ton of support options for the fraction of the cost of places such as Geek Squad.
  • Your Personal Concierge – Travel and Purchasing
    • We offer travel concierge services that can do research for you, save you on your vacation and help you travel smarter. The service can also be used to save on virtually any purchase. Take a look here:
  • Remote Computer Support
    • Did you know that 99% of computer problems that the average person runs into can be fixed remotely? That’s right, You can set up a SECURE remote connection with me, and I can fix your computer at any point in time at your convenience.
  • In-Person Computer Support and Repair
    • Got a problem you need to be diagnosed with? I’ll come out and help decide the best course of action.
  • Cyber Security Solutions
    • Cyber attacks are rampant. We can help you reduce your risk and be more proactive when it comes to your cyber security.
  • Web Design
    • Need a website? We’ve got you covered!
  • Web Hosting
    • Hosting as low as $10/month. Includes basic management!
  • Managed WordPress Hosting
    • Got a WordPress site you don’t want to or don’t have time to maintain? We’ve got you covered!
  • Smartphone and Tablet Services
    • Most people could use a brush up on the way their Mobile Devices are set up. That’s where I come in. I can make you and your devices as efficiently as possible.
  • Password Management
    • Passwords can be a pain to manage, and password management software can be confusing. Why not let us manage your logins via our LastPass Enterprise Account?
  • Network Set-Up
    • Tired of your internet going down? Dead Spots? Slow Speeds? Well I can help! I can get an enterprise level system set up in your home! I can even maintain it for you!
  • Data Backups
    • It’s pretty common for hard drives to fail, and it’s also very common for data backups to be forgotten. Well guess what? If you don’t back up, your precious data, could be gone in an instant! I can get you set up with Encrypted, Offsite and Managed data backups, so all you have to do is not worry.
  • Small Business Disaster Recovery
    • We can get your business set up so recovering after a disaster is a snap.
  • Gmail Backups
    • We rely on emails so much! This is why I offer a gmail archiving service to make sure your emails are always available.
  • Virus/Malware Removal
    • More than 50% of PC’s have malware, and more than 90% have spyware. 1 in 5 macs has some sort of malware as well. Are you one of them? Find out!
  • Emergency Computer Setup
    • What would you do if your computer went down and you needed another computer to work on to get your precious work done? With a low cost solution, I will design a computer system that can sit around until you need it!
  • 360 and Drone Photography
    • Need your house or building checked from the sky? We’ve got you covered with our partner.
  • Photo and Video Services
  • Efficiency, Email and General Training
    • Think you’re efficient? Let’s put it to the test! I can assist with common questions and train you on [almost] any subject within the tech field.
  • VW/Audi Diagnostics
    • Want access to a vag-com? Need to see why your car is throwing codes? Want to enable some hidden features?
  • Wifi Camera Installs and Setup
    • Got a new Wyze or Arlo you need set up. We have you covered!
  • Security System Setups
    • Ditching the higher priced ADT systems for something a little more affordable. We can help with a variety of systems.
  • Financial Software Assistance
    • Need help finding the right budgeting software or setting up that budget? Need help finding the right credit card with a good sign up bonus? We’re here to help.
  • Project Management and Outsourcing
    • Big project coming up that you need hands on?  We can help find you the right fit and/or manage it for you.

Don’t see a service you need? Shoot me an email, I’ll point you in the right direction! 

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