Inexpensive Laptops Under $500

You may not have the budget for a high-end laptop, but need something to get you through, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are a couple picks from Amazon to take a look at. Want to know more about hardware? Click here.

Acer Chromebook – The Chromebooks have gained increasing popularity due to their simplicity. They run an online operating system called ChromeOS, and are aimed to be very easy to use, lightning fast due to their very simple OS, and virus free. They have an integrated Office Suite with Word Processing, Spreadsheets, and Presentations through Google Docs. These are a great choice for those who do nothing but internet surf. As they don’t run Windows, some common applications may not work. To read more about Chromebooks, take a look here. You can see this on Amazon by clicking here.

Lenovo T430 – These are older model laptops, but are business workhorses with a phenomenal feel and build. Unlike consumer models, these can be serviced very easily, which means they can run much longer. This model has some great specs, and for the price is sure to please. This laptop would be a good all-around laptop. You can see it on Amazon by clicking here.

Acer Aspire – This one is an inexpensive consumer grade laptop that had specs that stood out to me for the price. While it’s not the most powerful, and doesn’t come with a lot of storage. It will be a good choice for someone not wanting to spend a lot of money, but wants Windows on their machine instead of the previously mentioned ChromeOS. You can see on Amazon by clicking here

Dell 3000 – This one is a current model Dell and will be the most expensive of the bunch. Though it’s also going to be the most current of the bunch with slightly higher-end and more current hardware which will help if you’re using your computer for more intensive operations. While the processor on this machine is slightly less powerful than the Lenovo, it is a newer model which means better efficiency, if you want new, this is a solid choice. Click here to see on Amazon.

Want your new laptop set up for you? Reach out via chat! We can give you a nice clean custom setup. 🙂

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