Being Technologically Competent and Following Instructions

Just because you aren’t good with tech doesn’t mean you’re not able to follow instructions.

I see this a lot. Someone is presented with a step by step set of clear and concise instructions, and instead of following them, they complain and say that they’re not techie and can’t do this stuff. Let me correct this for you. If you’re in the mindset that you can’t do something, guess what, you can’t. Not because you’re not technologically incompetent, impaired, or don’t have a skillset, but rather because of your attitude. Your mental attitude means everything. If you set your mind to something that you will get past whatever challenges you and past your frustrations, guess what, you will.

Let me put it this way. The only skills it takes to follow clear instructions is the ability to read and comprehend. Which at this point, if you’re reading my articles, or can communicate via email, text or chat, it’s safe to say you probably have those skills.

I definitely understand that there are different learning styles, but it’s a good idea to be able to follow a variety. Audio and Visual.

Next time you’re presented with a set of instructions and you find yourself getting frustrated. Take a breath, read the first step as many times as you need. Then follow it. Then move to the next. And the next. One step at a time. We’ve been following instructions our entire lives. It’s a valuable thing to be able to do. Because eventually you’re going to have to do something on your own, whether it’s being an expert in it, or whether it’s following the step by step instructions someone else wrote for you about a subject you have no clue about.

We want to know what you’re stuck on. What do you need instructions on how to do? What do you need to be trained to do?

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