Creating Mailing Labels in Office 2010

This will assume you have an excel file with all the names and addresses.

  1. Click the mailings tab.
  2. Click Start Mail Merge
  3. Click Labels
  4. Select the closest matching. Commonly 30 per page, find it in the left side.
  5. Click details and make sure the sizes match the labels you have.
  6. Click OK
  7. Click OK again
  8. Click Select Recipients >> Use Existing List
  9. Find your Excel doc and select it
  10. Select the first label and Click Address Block. If your preview doesn’t look right, click Match Fields.
    1. If the first and last name are in the same cell, just match it to the first name.
  11. Click Ok once previewing the labels.
  12. You should now see Address block in the first label and a bunch of Next Record on the rest.
  13. Click Update Labels on the top bar.
  14. Click Preview results to see how it will look
  15. When it looks acceptable, click finish and merge and select your desired option.

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