Your job as a human

We as humans have a job of getting along with each other and not being terrible to each other. There are a lot of times I see people misbehave or behave in an aspect that is just downright obnoxious. Here are a couple things I notice constantly that I wish more people would catch on and change their behavior.

  • Responsiveness
    • No one likes being ignored. You wouldn’t like it if someone you wanted to speak to did it to you. So why do it to anyone else?
    • Respond in a timely manner. I get we’re all busy, but don’t leave people hanging. More than 24 hours is NOT acceptable by any means. On average, 30 minutes for texts/chats. 2-6 hours for emails depending on what you determine as your preferred comms method.
  • Commitment and Reliability
    • If someone is going to take time out of their day to make plans with you. Stick to them. Don’t change them around constantly.
    • Don’t make rescheduling or cancelling a thing. If you say you’re going to do it, then do it.
  • Honesty and Being Straightforward
    • Do you like being lied to? No? I didn’t think so. Be honest. Straightforward. Don’t beat around the bush. Get to the point.
  • Be Real
    • There’s no doubt in my mind that a good percentage of people don’t even know who they are. And the quest for happiness is a lifelong adventure. But don’t be one of these people who fakes so much about who they are.
  • Use your intuition
    • This one seems to have dwindled. Try to figure things out before asking for help.
    • Take some time to research on your own. Too often I have people ask me something that they could have found from looking on my blog or social media profile.
  • Be Open Minded
    • I’m not the most open to new things, or even old things. But if something comes across your plate, your life, your email. Take a moment. Consider it.
    • Plenty of examples on this one
      • Model turning down a photoshoot she didn’t read anything about
      • Business Owner Turning down trade work that would benefit both parties
      • User Turning down free services
    • Just because you don’t need something now, doesn’t mean you may not need it later. Strike while the iron is hot. My point is to take up offers while they are there.
  • Figure out how to use your time wisely
    • An inability to plan is a trait of people doomed to fail or drift. Become friends with Google Calendar.
  • Don’t be the sheep
    • This is too common. People buying the iPhone because it’s what everyone has. People all driving in the left lane because everyone else is. Sometimes the better route is the complex one.

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