Your spending can create a residual income!

Your spending can create a residual income!

Most people miss out on a return on their spending, simply by using Debit cards, checks or some other method of payment that doesn’t yield a return.

People are afraid of credit card debt and high annual fees. Though with the right planning and the right cards in your wallet, you’ll always come out ahead.

I have $2095 in annual fees. Holding a total of 14 Credit Cards and 3 Debit Cards that give me rewards. Seems like a lot to most, but to me, each card holds a purpose.

I can get consistent returns in virtually every category of spending as well as random deals that can sometimes yield me free things.
Simply by making my day-to-day purchases on the right cards, I can earn $2-3k per year back.

  • One card I have gives me a free night per year at any Hilton (see the link at the bottom for reference to which)
  • Another card reimburses me for Spotify and Netflix (see to get your card with no annual fee.
  • Other cards get me 6-8% back in their respective categories

As long as there is a will, there will be a way. If you find your way, you’ll be able to travel for free (with the points you’ve earned) and get free stuff!

If you want to start your journey. I recommend checking the following two links.

My Card Recommendations:
Points Tracker:

If you’d prefer to have someone do the work for you to help you save money on your purchases, we offer a concierge service to do just that.

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