Working with Foxit Phantom Stamps

To Create a Stamp

  1. Save image to documents or pictures and then open foxit
  2. Click Comments
  3. Click Create (if in Classic Mode, click Stamp then Create)
  4. Create Custom Stamp
  5. Browse and select the signature.
  6. Double click image I sent
  7. Click Category and type Signature
  8. Click Name and type Signature
  9. Click create.
  10.  Click Comments >> Stamp >>> Signature >>> Stamp
  11. Stamp in desired area


To modify a stamp:

  1. Click Comments
  2. Click Create (if in Classic Mode, click Stamp)
  3. Click Manage Stamps
  4. Select the stamp you want to modify and click to modify/edit/delete
  5. Make your desired changes.


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