Windows 10 Antivirus

Did you know that Windows 10 has built in Antivirus and Smart Screening Technology?

What does this mean? This means that it makes it harder for malware to infect your computer, even without a substitute Anti-Virus program. This is because Windows watches any executables you try to run and if it doesn’t recognize it, it will stop you from running it.

Now this isn’t to say you should run any exe on your computer, you should still make sure not to run anything from an unverified source. (Check out the Web of Trust Chrome Add On to help with this). Though it’s not as big of a deal for your average user these days to just have MSE (the built in scanner).

If your computer is used by kids, teens or anyone who may be visiting potentially unsafe sites, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a more in depth scanner like Sophos Home Free or you can purchase our unlimited plan and get monitored antivirus.

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