Why you need an MSP

An MSP is a Managed Services Provider. It’s what we do! An MSP comes into play for a small business, freelancer, or even consumer who doesn’t have a need for a full time IT dept. An MSP can handle all the technology a full time IT department usually would and at a fraction of the cost. Without further adieu, here are a couple reasons you absolutely should have an MSP. And I don’t just mean “a guy” you go to.  

  • Peace of Mind. Technology is frustrating, we admit it. That’s why it’s great to have a service where you have a trained professional, or team of them, to count on. 
    • Just in case moments, pro-activity. We can help you stay ahead of the curve and help prevent problems and disasters before they occur, thus reducing stress!
    • Oops, SHTF (sh*t hit the fan) moments. It’s always nice knowing someone has your back in case things go south and knowing that you will be taken care of!
  • Added Knowledge. We can’t possibly know everything! You gain the added knowledge and insights of the team to help cover bases!
  • A helping hand. Just like above, we can’t do everything ourselves and sometimes we just need a helping hand! The MSP (that’s us!) can take care of things for you or on your behalf, so you can do what you’re good at and let us handle the heavy lifting!
  • Amazing Price Point. This one is specifically for our service. If you’re not needing 24/7 support, our service can be a savior! Commonly MSPs will charge per endpoint, server and could also bill up to $250 per month on top of support hours? Our service is built for those who want value mixed with expertise, starting as low as $382/year! You can see more on that one at https://myaz.tech/unlimited . There’s so much you get for that price too! Take a look!

Anyway! The end goal is to make sure you are running smoothly with as much uptime as possible 🙂 

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