Who doesn’t love free money?

Get something for minimal effort!

Some of the sites listed will give you a reward just for signing up, while others will reward you for doing what you already do on a daily.


Webull is a stock trading app that will give you a free stock for joining! 


Robinhood is like Webull with a more beginner user interface. They offer a free stock as well! 

Personal Capital

This is one of my favorite webapps. It links ALL your accounts and gives an overview of your money, budgets, spending, holdings and net worth. They give you a $20 Amazon card (and me) for joining when you link an investment account with $1000 or more.


This is a new one I’ve started investing with. They give you $50 to sign up and another $50 when you invest 50 MCO (approx $250 at the time of writing). They also have options to earn up to 18% for investing. 


Rakuten is a shopping assistant. They have a Chrome add in and mobile app to help you get massive amounts of cash back. Their welcome bonuses range from $10-30 from what I’ve seen. This app has saved me over $800 in the few years I’ve had it. I’ve pulled $200 back on some larger purchases thanks to them. 

Honey Gold

Honey is another shopping assistant that can work hand in hand with Rakuten in some cases. It’s best for finding coupons though. I’ve easily saved a couple hundred over the years just based on coupons. The welcome bonus is 500 points ($5), which can go towards a gift card when you use Honey at checkout of an eligible purchase. They also have a Chrome extension. 


This one is a little different. This gives you money for exercising and eating healthy. It links to your fitness tracker to record and then gives you points which can be exchanged for gift cards. Amazon being my fav there. 

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