What makes us stand out?

There are numerous tech support options available. There are both good and bad things. Where does our service fit into this, and what sets us apart? We must first examine the range of available support services. There’s the call center and flat-rate generic tech support services, which typically cost between $10 and $20 per month. Then there’s the full-fledged MSP, which is designed for business use and typically costs $50–200 per device per month. Both services will provide support around the clock. Depending on the service provider and the workload at the time, response times will vary. These services can differ greatly, but they frequently share one feature. The personal touch is missing. You typically encounter a rotating door of technicians. Many times, you may submit a request, and it may take some time to be escalated or scheduled to be fixed. In addition, they frequently only provide support within a narrow range.

We differ on this point: with a dedicated technician team that provides a personal touch, you have a problem that we can solve right away; we’ll remote in the same day to fix it, and you don’t even need to be available! If scheduling is needed, we have an easy-to-use scheduler that doesn’t require back-and-forth communication or complicated dispatch procedures. Additionally, we can support just about anything. Even though we don’t provide around-the-clock support, we make up for it with expertise and a focus on your satisfaction. Working in the above situations has taught us how to avoid the common problems that MSPs and call centers face. This makes it much easier for us to solve problems. Cost reduction for you is another one of our objectives. Although the cost of our services falls somewhere between that of an MSP and that of a call center, proper use of the services will almost always result in long-term cost savings.

We also go above and beyond with our service by offering lifestyle and non-tech benefits, like a concierge service that can help with research and discounts on everyday purchases. On our top tier plan, we also provide a plethora of additional advantages to assist you in your day-to-day activities.


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