Last of Us

The Last of Us – Great Show – and $10 back on HBO Max

If you haven’t seen HBO’s The Last of Us, you are definitely missing out. Well, assuming that you like dystopian shows, For those non-gamers out there reading this, The Last of Us follows Joel and Ellie as they traverse a ravaged land after a global pandemic that all but cripples society via a fungus that takes over its host and turns them into raging creatures. But this isn’t your average zombie show. We’re referring to you, The Walking Dead; how are you still going? 

A quick side note: while the fungus that is in the show is fake, fungi is still a threat to humans. Take a peek at this article from Yale. 

Anyway, the show will have you hooked pretty quickly if you are into these types of shows, and especially if you played the game. Props to the director and team for mostly following the game. Even if the casting wasn’t spot-on, it’s well worth a watch. 

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