The art of following instructions

Recently I’ve been trying Hellofresh. I’m not typically a cook. I’m more of the let’s order dinner type. In reading through some of the recipes, I realized a few things.

I’m having to read the instructions multiple times to understand them. Even though my girlfriend looks at it and understands immediately. They can seem overwhelming, even if they’re only a few quick steps.

Oh my. This is what end users probably feel like reading tech guides!

It can be frustrating to try to learn or complete something foreign. Even if given a step by step.

With this, I wanted to pass along some tidbits of advice.

Go in with a level head.
Don’t let yourself get frustrated.
You could spend an hour or more being frustrated when the solution was only 10 minutes away.
Know that some things may take time.
Take your time on it and take it one step at a time.

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