Tech Support Mantra – Reducing Stress

It’s okay to not know things. We get it. Technology is frustrating.

Though here are some helpful tips to reduce stress when something doesn’t work the way you thought. 

  1. Complaining and getting frustrated doesn’t help. Take a deep breath and know you’re in good hands and your problem will be solved.
  2. No need to constantly use the term ASAP. Not everything is urgent. Step away for a few to clear your head.
  3. If you ask for help and get an answer, accepting it will save you headaches. Don’t overthink. 
  4. Understand that if you’re asking for help, you don’t understand what you’re trying to have resolved. 
  5. Know that not everything works. Some things stop working for no visible reason, it’s not always worth the time or energy to question.
  6. Know that not everything works the way you want it to. Accept the things you cannot change. 
  7. Come straight to us if you have tech problems. It’s what we’re here for. And rather than getting fed misinformation and running in circles, our goal will be to get your problem solved as stress-free as possible. 
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