Setting up Duplicati for Backups with B2

This guide will only walk through the Duplicati section and not setting up B2 itself. This will assume you already have your B2 Credentials. 
B2 is efficient up to about a TB for a consumer. Past that, there are more cost effective options. Feel free to reach out to us for a consult. 

  1. Download and install Duplicati from
  2. Once installed, it should open the web interface. If it doesn’t. Head to http://localhost:8200
  3. Click Add Backup
  4. Click Next
  5. Choose a name of your choosing. I commonly choose the name Cloud or B2
  6. Choose a strong password and make note. It cannot be reset.
  7. Click Next
  8. In the Dropdown for Storage Type, select B2 Cloud Storage
  9. Enter your Bucket Name
  10. You can leave the folder path blank or tell it a folder you want your files under (it will create for you)
  11. Enter the Application ID and Key
  12. Click Test to make sure it works
  13. Hit Next
  14. Check off the folders to back up. You can us the user data folders or explicitly expand Computer >> Users >> Your user folder.
    1. I recommend Documents, Desktop, Downloads, Photos/Movies (if you’re not using Google Photos, Google Photos will be easier to find photos to restore)
  15. Expand Exclude, and check all the boxes.
  16. Hit Next
  17. Change the schedule if you like, otherwise defaults work well.
  18. Nit Next
  19. Change Backup Retention to either Smart Backup Retention or keep specific number. I like to commonly keep 2-3 versions.
  20. Click save, then run!

And Bam. You’re all set! Duplicati will automatically back up all files then changed versions. It offers encryption and de-duplication as well!

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