Scanning Best Practice

In a previous article, I covered the recommended practices for printing and connecting your printer, but what about scanning? I will briefly discuss the best long-term techniques I have discovered to get your scanner to function reliably every time.

Manufacturers make an effort to simplify things by enabling direct scanning from the scanner. The method that most people try to use as their default is also the one that fails the most. I find that this approach works around 50% of the time because of how the systems interact. Mileage may vary, but generally speaking, I do not advise using this technique.

I advise launching the scanning application on your PC after loading the paper and starting the scan from the computer. Because the scanner is less effective at finding your computer than your computer is at finding the scanner, you have more control over the final document.

I won’t go into the technical step-by-step in this article because there are so many makes, models, and scanning programs.

For specific instructions for your scanner, consult your manufacturer’s manual or contact us for a custom guide.

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