Recommendation – Synology Diskstation DS918+

This thing is a beast. The OS is smooth, there’s a ton of plugins and apps, it’s like a server of its own. Data transfers are quick and painless. The ram in it is impressive as well. 8 Gigs of ram in a NAS. For those hardcore streamers out there, it can transcode 4k on the fly. Scalable up to 9 bays, supports 2 pcie SSD drives. Definitely, the way to go for performance. Highly recommend.

You can purchase the NAS on Amazon here:
If that pricing is a bit rich, a lower model with less power, but the same storage capability can be seen here:

If you want an extra drive bay, you can buy the next step up here:

WD Red Pro:

HGST Deskstar NAS:

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