Random Phone Calls are Dying

Have you ever been waiting in line and someone jumped ahead of you, or were you in the middle of doing something important when you were interrupted? This is just what unscheduled phone calls do.

It’s an interruption, a break in your brain synapses. It’s something that requires you to stop what you’re doing to answer. And it’s an efficiency killer, as well as a brain killer. Why a brain killer? Because unexpected calls force us to multitask and multitasking is bad for our brains.

Now, I’m not saying that phone calls are extinct, but rather that unannounced, unprepared calls are. Sometimes we just need to be ready for that conversation and have time to prepare. The age of random phone calls is dying.

Having time to prepare for a call is key. It can help ensure that you will have enough time to cover what needs covering, have any prior research completed to be prepared for questions, or be in a good place mentally to have the conversation. Scheduling also reduces the likelihood of being interrupted while on the phone.

It’s too easy to schedule calls with technology these days, so take the plunge and increase your productivity and brain function.

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