Quick Overview – Things New Tesla Owners Should Know

ONE: Be prepared for a LOT of charging time. At home, I recommend at least a 220v outlet with the Mobile Charger (not the wall charger unless you need it for multiple vehicles or the S/X). Road trips are definitely going to have stops. Be prepared for every little thing to affect range. Wind, hills, cold, etc. Superchargers are everywhere and are the current easiest to use on roadtrips without an extra adapter. Learn all about the different charging. You can read up on it a little bit here and here.

TWO: Learn some of the ins and outs. Play with the menus and learn what they do. Remember, there’s a lot more to an EV than an ICE vehicle. It’s going to have its own pros and cons.

THREE: Take some time to do your own research on your vehicle.  Join Tesla Groups for support. Understand that Tesla is still a young company and that their support may be hit or miss, and sometimes you can find fast answers from those around you. Chances are, any question you have has been asked. Search for it.

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