Punctuation and Reading for Details are Important!

Punctuation can mean very different things. Such as known examples:

  • Let’s eat, grandma!
  • Let’s eat grandma!

In the case of company names. We see some common confusions between different companies with different names.

  • US Tech Support Solutions, LLC
    • Website: https://www.ustech.ninja (you’re on it!)
    • Where we’re Based: Phoenix, AZ
    • What we do: Business and Consumer Managed IT Services
  • US Tech Support
    • Website: https://www.ustechsupport.com
    • Where They’re Based: CA
    • What they do: Tech Support Plans
    • Common confusion: If you got a call from a company saying you owe money to US Tech or US Tech Support, it’s not us. Double-check the company phone number. It’s likely these guys.
  • US Tech Solutions
    • Website: https://www.ustechsolutions.com
    • Where They’re Based: NJ (though they have a Phx office)
    • What they do: Staffing
    • Common confusion: If you’re looking for a staffing position, or calling about employment verification, this might be the company you should be calling.

Reading the details can mean the difference between frustration a good night’s rest!
Or in this case, getting the wrong company with a fully different name 😉

It all goes hand in hand with being proactive. Which can save your life, your car, your finances, and your tech! Ahem. This is what we do! We want to help you be proactive, efficient and save you from many headaches! Ready to be proactive and avoid mistakes like these?

Reach on out and let’s get you rolling with the last level of support you’ll need!

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