Product Recommendation: ZebraLight H600w and SC600

Okay. So these two Zebralight Flashlights aren’t computer tech. But they’re tech nonetheless. And the amount of tech in these little lights is phenomenal!

With tons of different modes to fit pretty much any need, these two lights have become my go to. Carrying the SC600 works perfectly in my 5.11 Tac Lites. I was really surprised at the size of the two lights. They are both quite small given their overall power. When I bought them they were peaking at approx 1100 and 1500 Lumens. Current mileage may vary. That’s a lot of light for such a small size. If you opt for the non¬†floody, the distance the light goes is pretty amazing. I can light up full palm trees like it’s daytime. Battery lifetimes are pretty awesome too. At the lowest setting, you can get MONTHS of life. This setting will be for up close applications, IE, looking in printers ;). The batteries aren’t anything you’ll find in stores, unfortunately. Though given the output, these need something nice and big. The 18650 batteries pack a punch. Doing the math, at least for me, the Zebralights were a no-brainer. Bigger investment up front, but less money spent in the long run on batteries, coupled with amazing feel, power and tech, hands down winner.

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Zebralight H600w Headlamp

Zebralight SC600 Pocket Light

3500 mAH Orbtronic 18650 Batteries

XTAR VP2 Universal Battery Charger

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