Product Recommendation – Samsung Bar USB 3.0 Drive

For a while, at work (my day job) we were using CD’s and USB hard drives to do all our imaging. Eventually we made the switch to using single 128 gb Samsung Bar 3.0 drives to hold everything. Our boot disk and all the WIMS. Anyway, all that aside, these drives are sturdy (if you buy the metal ones, avoid the blue plastic ones). Waterproof, Shock Proof, Magnetproof, blah blah. They’re awesome. Speeds aren’t bad either. I was getting around 120mb/s read and 20-50mb/s writes (using a daisy chain too). The whole 5 year warranty and nand appealed to me as well. In any case. If you’re looking for a new thumb drive. This is the one I’d recommend. You can pick it up from Amazon here:

While not a very long review, what more can I say? 🙂

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