Play Services Wakelock – CmaSystemUpdateService

I’ve spent a good 3 hours total researching and playing with my phone (T-Mobile LG V20) trying to get rid of the obnoxious update Notification and making sure my phone doesn’t brick overnight since I’m rooted and rom’d and don’t feel like having to spend even more time recovering. After trying what one user posted for the Nexus, I realized I started to get the dreaded CmaSystemUpdateService wakelock, which didn’t let my phone sleep at all. I tried rolling to another Kernel, which was still a no go. After poking around a little further, I re-enabled all Services and Receivers for Google Play Services. Leaving the following Disabled:

  • SystemUpdateActivity under Google Play Services Activity
    • This seems to disable the update center
  • SystemUpdateService under Google Services Framework Services
  • SystemUpdateService$Receiver under Google Services Framework Receivers
  • SystemUpdateService$SecretCodeReceiver under Google Services Framework Receivers
  • SystemUpdateActivity under Google Services Framework Activity
  • SystemUpdatePanoActivity under Google Services Framework Activity

The app I was using is My Android Tools to see these. And Better Battery Stats to see the wakelock.

You should also be able to do this with ADB instead with the following.

adb shell
pm disable
pm disable
pm disable
pm disable
pm disable$Receiver
pm disable$SecretCodeReceiver

Let me know if this worked for you. Did it stop your update? Did it kill the wakelock? Email me and let me know!

A side note to all carriers, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, ATT, and Google.

I’d love to see Android have the built in option of full control, same way as Linux has the su command built in. It’s pretty pathetic that manufacturing doesn’t allow us to have full control over our devices without exploiting. Linux has root without compromising security, Android shouldn’t be any different. I want control over my data, apps, and battery. All I can say is figure it out so people don’t have to keep hacking the systems to get control over our $800-1000 devices.

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