Paying for Services.

You get a tangible item when you buy a product. There is a chance that item may not work. In general, if an item does not work properly or does not meet your satisfaction, it can be returned.

If you pay for a service, you are paying for someone’s time. The person cannot get that time back. The company cannot get back that time. The time spent is not refundable. When you hire a service provider, you agree to pay for the time they spend on your behalf. There are extreme circumstances where recklessness occurs, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

The most common reason to hire someone in a service field is to troubleshoot a problem you do not understand or know how to troubleshoot yourself. It can be difficult to understand why and for what you’re billed in these cases. Regardless of the outcome, if the provider spent time troubleshooting, it is your responsibility to pay for that time.

Imagine you have a leak in your house. To find out where the leak is, a plumber is called. The leak cannot be found after three hours of searching. You would still owe that plumber for the time spent. It’s the same if you go to the doctor. Regardless of whether they fixed your problem or not, you will be billed.

It is theft to refuse to pay for a service or to charge back for a service. It is a crime. It could result in collections, lawsuits, or criminal charges.

Bottom line. If someone takes the time to help you, be grateful for the work they do and be aware that their time is valuable.

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