No, you don’t need a server.

I keep hearing people talking about needing servers or help with their servers. The term server, like many other terms in IT gets thrown around where it really doesn’t belong. I want to give some insight to set the record straight. 

What is a server? Simply put, it’s a computer that’s on, commonly all the time, to run various applications. 

What kinds of applications do they run? Most commonly they’re used for file storage, remote assistance applications, domain controllers, virtual private networks, etc. 

Do you need a server? Unless you work in IT and/or can afford someone to upkeep it. I’m going to say no. Servers, like desktops, require constant maintenance, updates and emergency plans in case SHTF. 

Self hosting for most businesses doesn’t make sense to do, as it commonly puts too many eggs in one basket and requires more time, money and effort to upkeep rather just using a dedicated service for what you need where the upkeep isn’t on you. 

Don’t risk critical applications on a single local machine. 

Reach out to get a consultation on what might be best for you. 

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