No, you don’t need a new computer

Let me repeat, you [probably] don’t need a new computer.

I feel like the general consensus with consumers is that if their computer “crashes” that they need a new computer. Let me save you some money and tell you that 99.9% of the time that’s not the case.

Great example. Back before USTech.Ninja, I was on call for another company who sent me out as an in-home tech. One of their customers had purchased a computer from them and they sent me to swap it out with a new one because it was dead. I swapped it out, and fast forward years later, I still have it in storage (thanks to never getting any response when asking how to return). I get curious and I turn it on. Guess what. It works fine. For a couple years, I used it as my remote support server!

Here’s another. A friend brought me his ancient windows machine that wouldn’t boot at all. Within about an hour I had it rocking and rolling good as new running a basic desktop operating system. That computer got used for a little bit as well!

And a final! Another customer’s 5 year old laptop was running extremely slow after all the updates, taking forever to search. Popped it open, installed an SSD, and voila, good as new.

My point? Sometimes Software modifications can make a computer that you may think isn’t working good as new. Other times, it may take a hardware upgrade. My personal favorite upgrade is swapping your old spinny hard drive for a [up to 10x faster] solid state drive. Though depending on your usage, your needed upgrades may be different.

So, before you try to throw away your old machine, shoot us a message! We might be able to save you a couple hundred by upgrading or repairing it.

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