No, you do need assistance….

If you’re not a computer tech, techie or have a legitimate service taking care of your technology, chances are you have at least one thing that’s being done wrong, inefficiently or is insecure and open to attack.

In a way, this is meant to scare you. Loss of important data can be heartwrenching and stressful.

The other night, I had someone who had scheduled a consult with me months back and never take advantage randomly message me on my secure chat system and say “I don’t need any help”. That’s an understatement. Upon further investigation and chatting with her, her computer had been taken over by malware, preventing file access, which in turn prevents any sort of cleanup without physical access to the machine. This type of fix if actually done by hourly standards could cost up to $200-300. Though with our support plan, costs will be either nothing or around $75 depending on how much the plan’s utilized.  

So yes, you do need help. Assuming that you don’t is naive. Technology changes constantly. There are patches constantly. Your attack surface changes constantly. Are you keeping up? 

In the heading, I mentioned the term legitimate service. What do I mean? I mean a service or computer tech that actually gives you personal attention, has experience and actively protects or attempts to be proactive. See our comparison against the competition.

In any case. To go along with Cyber Security Awareness Month. We’re offering up to 1 year of email support and 30 gigs of data backups for a penny. Take advantage of it while it lasts 🙂 Click here.

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