Moving from one Server with RunCloud

Since RC doesn’t document how to change from one server to another on the same account. This documents how to move, keeping webapps and sql.
  1. Stop MySQL
  2. Back up the following directories (I used Duplicacy to back up from one server to the other)
    1. /RunCloud
    2. /var/lib/mysql
    3. /home/runcloud
    4. /etc/nginx-rc
  3. Set up Runcloud on the new server by attaching as an additional server.
  4. Delete the new server you just set up from the web interface once all the services have been installed.
  5. Restore all above folders on the new server
  6. Go into RC on the server you want to move, click settings >> change IP
  7. Enter in the IP of the new server
  8. Run the script to change the IP
VOILA! Runcloud should now recognize the new server
Don’t forget to find/replace the new IP in the database too!
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