Listen to the experts.

Hear me out here. Stop listening to your friends when it comes to technology.

This is how bad information gets passed along commonly. Unless of course they got their info from another person with a technical background. Of course, not all techs are equal, but that’s another topic. However, most people aren’t getting their info from a reliable source or a technical source. They’re listening to their friends or family who feed them bad information and information that isn’t necessarily best for them.

Some common bad information I hear.

“XYZ brand is great, go pick it up from best buy”

“XYZ internet provider sucks, you should use xyz”

“My xyz is broken, I’m going to call someone who doesn’t know how to effectively fix it”

Asking the wrong people for help can waste time, money and cause headaches down the road.

Here are some real life samples:

Person 1 has internet troubles, and rather than letting a technician troubleshoot and fix the problem, they switch to another internet provider. Which then causes more problems. Ultimately after consulting with me, we switch them back to the better provider and set up their network so it doesn’t have trouble.

Person 2 has wifi issues, and listens to a friend and purchases consumer equipment. Their printer wasn’t connecting due to poor signal. When we arrive, one of the “extenders” wasn’t even working. We switched out the entire network for my managed Ubiquiti products and the network improved.

Person 3 complains to a friend for a month or so about their computer being slow and having trouble rather than mentioning it to IT. This means dealing with the headaches of errors and slowness until the appropriate person is reached. Once in touch, the issue was solved within a short time.

Person 4 has an internet outage. Their equipment is business class. Instead of reaching out to IT, they call a friend and call their internet service provider. Their ISP isn’t familiar with their equipment and ends up causing this person to spend more money than necessary, more headaches than necessary and more time than necessary. We arrive on site and fix the issues within a few minutes.

Person 5 buys a computer that Apple recommends. This computer does not meet the needs of their use. We consult with them and let them know what they needed to have bought.

Person 6 buys a couple low end computers for business use. These computers do not meet the needs of their use. We set up purchasing of business machines.

Bottom line, all of these people, had they called us in the first place would have saved hundreds to thousands of dollars and saved hours of stress. Come to us if you have a tech problem. After all! That’s what we’re here for!

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