Lastpass Breach. What’s next?

With Lastpass’s latest breach, putting a large amount of their customers at risk, where do we go from here?

Many are jumping ship to Bitwarden or 1Password. I wanted to give you a quick peek at the two!

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First off - The Security

Bitwarden is open source, which means more eyes on the code and more potential for bugs to be found sooner. Encryption is AES and protected by your master password.

1Password is encrypted with your 256 bit AES Master password and a 128 bit Secret Key. 

The Price

Bitwarden is free, but has a premium plan for individuals for just $10 per year. 

1Password has plans starting at $3/month at the time of writing.

The Interface

Bitwarden has a rather simple layout.

1Password is a bit more stylish

Ease of Use

Bitwarden is very simple to use, but does throw a lot of fields together that may be confusing for some. It does seem to pick up some password changes better.

1Password Is very streamlined and the interface will make it seem easy to use. The secret key may confuse some, and auto fill does not always work.


Bitwarden does not allow sharing passwords on the free plan. Though they can be shared on the paid plans, but sharing is a bit more complex and not as simple.

1Password can share expiring links for passwords or can have a co-op vault to use with your family or team. Up to 5 family members to a vault, or pay per team member.

My Verdict

I do not think you will go wrong with either. To an extent this comes down to personal preference. I prefer 1pass for the elegance, but Bitwarden has become a secondary go to. They’re both worth trying out and seeing which you like better. 

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