ISP Pricing and Outages

Recently I’ve seen quite a few complain about their ISP. ISP is internet service provider. To start, they all have ups and downs. In Arizona, and in my area. Cox is definitely the preferred. Unless they’re the slower option in your area (make sure to check upload and download speeds), they’re the winner. I’m really not a fan of ISPs who force you to use their equipment. I’ve seen countless users who complain and complain about their network then once their in home equipment is swapped voila, new network with true speed and reliability. Now, of course this isn’t always the case. Sometimes the ISP does experience issues. It’s not specific to any one ISP either. All service providers will have outages at one point or another. I had three offices experience outages on three different service providers in a week time period. All you can do is, if you rely on internet, have a backup plan. Such as a hotspot.
As far as pricing, much of the time you get what you pay for. And moving forward, without net neutrality, prices may get worse. That’s another story. Google it if you’re curious.
The way I’ll put it, here’s my preferential order of services. Top being most preferred.
  • Fiber (gigabit)
  • Cable (Cox, Time Warner, etc)
  • LTE (cell carriers)
    • Not recommended as your primary
  • DSL (CenturyLink)
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