Inefficiency kills business

You know the term time is money? It’s true.

It’s definitely better to be prepared and maintain your efficiency rather than to be stopped by trivial things. Little things like not resetting a password on time, not knowing a password, not knowing how to fully operate day to day tech, all can cost you delays and money.

Take a look at the examples below for some real-life samples that can cause delays.

Example 1

You’re with a few big clients in a meeting. You don’t know how to operate the TVs in the meeting rooms and you or your client want to display something on the TV. By not knowing ahead of time, you now have to either go without the display or wait for someone who is available to help.

Example 2

You’re meeting a client at their house, and are walking them through using a secure system the company has in place. You have never seen the system from their perspective, and it’s after hours. The client is having trouble. At this point, you may be stuck waiting until business hours.

Example 3

You are once again in the meeting room and don’t know the wifi password. You now have to ask around for what it is. What if no one is available to assist or answer at that exact time?

Example 4

You got a brand new phone! Awesome! Though you don’t know how to use it. You just happen to be traveling while in a time bind and can’t figure out how to use it for email or GPS.

Example 5

You store all your passwords in an Excel sheet. You go to find a password and it’s missing. Argh, you didn’t save it. Now you either have to wait for a reset email or contact support.

Example 5.1

What if this excel sheet was left open when you walked away, someone takes all your passwords. This rolls into a different issue, security (which will be covered in another article later).

Example 6

You are getting flooded with too many automated emails or cc’s. You are having trouble keeping up. Because of this, you miss out on a potential client by responding too late.

These are small things that can have a big impact, and all of them have a solution. Even something tiny can waste a lot of time. This is why it’s best to be prepared, get training, learn the ins and outs ahead of time as well as how to do some research on your own.

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