How to use Rakuten and Honey together for maximum savings!

Rakuten (formerly eBates) and Honey are great ways to save if you shop online! I’ve saved about $600 via Rakuten and $200 on Honey. While you can’t use their cashback together, you can let honey find a coupon, then run Rakuten. Your mileage may vary. Here’s how.

This assumes you have accounts and are using Chrome. Need accounts? Use our referral links for Rakuten and Honey

  1. Make sure you have the chrome plugins installed and activated for each. Click for each: Rakuten and Honey
  2. Shop normally as you would, you just need to get to the checkout screen. Don’t activate Rakuten when you first land on the page.
  3. When you get to the checkout, Honey will ask to activate rewards or search for a code.
    1. If it prompts to search for a code, click to let it.
    2. If it prompts for cashback, you just need to decide whether it’s more or less than Rakuten and activate the one you want by using the icons in the upper right of Chrome, stop here if you don’t get a coupon.
  4. Once honey finds a code, copy it.
  5. Activate Rakuten by clicking the Rakuten icon in the upper right.
  6. If your code disappeared, paste it back in. Otherwise, enjoy!
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