How can we help your business?

It’s uncommon to see a small business at maximum efficiency, but that’s what I aim to do. My goal is to make sure your business is running at its most efficient.

If you’re still on the fence and aren’t sure you need help. Chances are you do! Don’t wait until the last minute! Here are a couple things I can help with!

  • Secure your Customer Data
    • Your customer’s data is important, and so is the security of that data. 
  • Secure your own Data
    • How do you store your passwords? How do you store your company data? Is it secure? 
  • Data Integrity Checks
    • Drives fail, data corrupts, and technology isn’t infallible.
  • Small Business and Personal Accounting Technologies
    • Get your business hooked up with credit card processing and automated accounting software.
  • Web Development and Security
    • Is your website up to date and with the times? Are there security flaws? I can re-design your site to be current!
    • How does your website rank? I can help with Google Search Optimization! 
    • Is your website exposing your home address?
  • Network Setup
    • Is your equipment up to date? Are there dead zones? 
    • Do you have a secure way for customers to use internet at your location?
  • Network Security
    • Is your wifi network secure? How long would the password take to crack?
    • Do you know who’s on your network? What’s being exposed on your network? 
  • Communication Efficiency
    • What are your response times like? How do you track what’s been completed? 
    • What calendar do you use? How do you store contacts?

While this isn’t an all inclusive list, it should give a good idea of some areas your business can likely improve upon!

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