Getting a Text for Incoming Gmail Emails

Tired of missing important emails? This guide will get you set up with getting a text for emails that match a search!


First, you will want to head over to Then click Sign up with Google. Select your Gmail account in the list and hit allow. 


  1. Once you’re logged in, skip the intro. From there you’ll be presented with a workflow screen.
  2.  You will want to choose Gmail in the Left Section and SMS by Zapier in the Right
  3.  Under Gmail, select New Email Matching Search, Under SMS, select send SMS.
  4. Click Use Zap



  1. On the next screen, click the Sign in to Gmail button. Select your email account and click allow.
  2. Click Continue


  1. This is where things get interesting. Gmail has a LOT of different searches you can use. Though let’s keep it simple. You can test by doing a search in beforehand, otherwise, Zapier will test for you. Enter one of the operators below:
    1. from:
      1. IE: from:[email protected]
        1. This will alert you about any email from [email protected]
    2. subject:
      1. IE: subject:Security Alert
        1. This will text you when you get an email with the subject containing Security Alert
    3. Combine the two.
      1. IE: from:[email protected] AND subject: Security Alert
        1. This will alert you if you get an email from [email protected] if the subject is Security Alert.
    4. Click Continue
    5. Click Test Trigger to let it pull the info in.
    6. Continue.


  1. Click Continue at the first part of the next step.
  2. Click the button to connect your phone. Enter in the number, send the code, then confirm the text you get.
  3. Hit Continue.
  4. Pick a from number or select random.
  5. Type what you want the Text Message to say:
    1. IE: Important Message From: (select the email address in the dropdown that comes up)
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Test if you want to see what text you get.
  8. Click Turn on Zap to get alerts.
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