Get Money Back this Holiday Season with Ebates

Before you dismiss this as me working for Ebates, I don’t. I’m just a happy customer sharing my experience. And as it relates to technology, what better place for it than a Tech blog. 

When I was buying my Note 8 on release, I read about a site called on, a website, and forum for mobile devices and technology. I figured I’d try it out, so I joined up and made my purchase for my Note 8 on To my excitement, almost immediately after purchasing, my balance in my Ebates account showed me $70. $10 for joining, and the other 60 for the 10% cash back percentage. So I fast forward to getting the check today, and I’m pleasantly pleased to be able to continue recommending this site for those who want something back on some of the overpriced retail out there.

Ebates has almost every store I can think of in their directory, and cash back ranges from 1% to 20% and higher. It’s definitely something worth checking out. Oh, and their Chrome Add-On is incredibly helpful.

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