Foxit Phantom Basics

Please Note: Videos in this article will not play if you are using Internet Explorer due to a lack of HTML 5 support. I recommend Google Chrome.

New versions of foxit have 2 toolbar modes, Classic and Ribbon. Ribbon it the one this training will be based on, however if you have an older version, [almost] everything referenced is still under the same menu, it might just look different. If you want to change to ribbon mode (which I find tons easier to use, see this video).

The commonly used menu items are:

  • Home (or on classic mode, this will contain items mixed with File and Edit)
    • OCR (for scanned documents, text is recognized so it can be edited)
    • Rotate Pages
    • Select Text (so you can highlight, copy, paste, etc.)
    • Hand Tool (required to be selected to fill in fillable forms)
    • Highlight
    • Typewriter (allows you to type in text, this is under Comment in Classic mode)
    • Edit Text (allows you to edit text)
    • Edit Object (edits anything in the document)

2015-06-26 12_13_50-PhantomPDF_UserManual.pdf - Foxit PhantomPDF

  • Convert (classic mode, this is under File, export to)
    • Allows you to convert PDFs to images and MS office files (the MS Office Conversion isn’t always accurate)

2015-06-26 12_13_35-PhantomPDF_UserManual.pdf - Foxit PhantomPDF

  • Organize
    • Contains the tools to rearrange documents
    • Flatten Document (This removes all interactive features of a PDF, such as fillable fields and makes the document more compatible.)

2015-06-26 12_15_29-PhantomPDF_UserManual.pdf - Foxit PhantomPDF

  • Comment
    • Typewriter, again
    • Create Custom Signature Stamp (Create, to the right of Stamp) – Note: Don’t confuse this with a digital signature, they’re different.
    • Drawing Tools (useful for Whiting Out)

2015-06-26 12_17_54-PhantomPDF_UserManual.pdf - Foxit PhantomPDF

  • Form

2015-06-26 14_15_32-PhantomPDF_UserManual.pdf - Foxit PhantomPDF


Also, remember you can always hit F1 in Foxit to get the user manual.

Training Videos included in this Article (Google Chrome Required):


Changing Toolbar Modes

Whiting Out Fields and Flattening


Creating Fillable Fields and a Digital Signature


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