Flash Giveaway! Only TWO offers available.

Flash Giveaway! Only TWO offers available.

How would you like to get a little something for little effort all while bettering financials in the long run?
By using the right rewards card for your spending, you can earn up to a 10% return on spending and save thousands in the long run!

Ready to get:

  • $5 cash for 3 mins of your time
  • Wowtac A1 Flashlight – 500 lumens of awesome – a $20 value

Do the following:

  1. Go to https://myaz.tech/maxrewards
  2. Apply for an American Express of your choosing!
  3. Take a screenshot of the approval and send it to us via chat or Facebook.
  4. Publicly share any of the following articles on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin
    1. https://www.ustech.ninja/dont-miss-out-on-free-money/
    2. https://www.ustech.ninja/who-doesnt-love-free-money/
    3. https://www.ustech.ninja/your-spending-can-create-a-residual-income/
  5. Send us the URL where you shared it
  6. Once confirmed, we’ll send your $5 and arrange the pickup of your flashlight!

Note: With great power comes great responsibility. We don’t take responsibility for the misuse of credit. Always pay the full balance.

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