Five reasons Android Wins

It’s not a Black Hole
Apple is a data black hole. Try uploading your data to iCloud, then wonder where it goes. Sure, you know it’s on Apple’s servers. But you can’t really get full access without an Apple device. What happens if you want to check on your photos from your phone on your PC? You can’t. Google Photos on the other hand, can be accessed from their app or the website, and you can always use takeout to get your data.
It’s easier to Organize
I always have questions about finding apps or settings in iOS. Sure they’e standardized, but perhaps a bit too much. With Android, you can use different launchers, and customize the feel. This alone can make your device more efficient to use in the long run as you would be more comfortable with it. An example. Iphone’s have this obnoxious main screen, cluttered by all the icons and ugly folders. Android has a way around this as there are different launcher to give you the feel most comfortable to you.
It’s less confusing
This one is with a grain of salt, it’s less confusing in a specific way. Commonly it seems people get confused with the password that needs to be entered when downloading apps, the fact you can have a different icloud and itunes account, or the fact if you use the same account on two phones, you get duplicate text conversations thanks to iMessage. Overall, I get less questions of usage with android users.
Potentially more longevity
I say potentially, because this has varying factors. Though Android has a couple things going for it in this dept. Since there are so many variations of hardware, users aren’t limited there. There’s always a chance of keeping a device working for ages, unlike iPhones, where once apple stops pushing software updates, many apps will cease to install. With android, there’s a huge development community, tons of ways to install apps, and the options of replacing your own batteries, etc. There’s just more options available.
The possibilities are endless
Anything you can do, I can do better. There’s very little you can’t do on your Android smartphone. Use your imagination. Need to use your android as a usb drive? You got it! Need to use it to share files on a network or to your computer without cables? Sure! Want to be able to see what is on your phone, the same way you do on your computer. Done! Don’t want some proprietary crap cable? USB C it is! There’s just too much limitation with iPhone. And you may be saying, but I don’t care, I want my phone for calls and texts. That is until you don’t and realize you could have completed a task you wanted to with an Android.
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