Finance Trackers and Apps

This article will link to all the apps and services I’ve found to be helpful and run consistently. As well as apps that can help bring in a few bucks here and there for virtually no effort. Set and forget on most. I’ve added an asterisk next to my personal favorites.


Here are my recommend finance trackers!
* (click here– This one is aimed at a mix of investing with budgeting. Gives an overview of investments, holdings, budgets and net worth. They also offer a high interest savings. You get $20 for joining once you link your investment account.
* – Mint has a lot in common with PC, though there are some accounts it has integrated with better than PC. It also has the ability to track bills and pull your credit score. The graphs are pretty nice as well. – Very similar to Mint, with an easier to use interface and some different metrics. They also offer cash back and credit monitoring.
TrueBill.comThis has been my go to for tracking subscriptions and bills as it automatically finds them!
* AwardWallet (click here) – Got a lot of rewards programs to track, frequent flyer miles, credit card points and some of the below? Now you can track em all in one place. Also includes a travel tracker and how to maximize credit card points.
* QuickBooks (click here) – Tracking expenses was a pain before I started using Quickbooks Self Employed. It automatically reads accounts, and can mark transactions based on rules. It can also import right into TurboTax! The link next to the heading will give you 50% off. At least at time of writing :). – This one is a web interface as well as an automated assistant that integrates with Facebook messenger. It will try to negotiate lower bills for you, as well as provide budgeting, account alerts and more. I’ve stopped using this one since I feel the others have covered the bases here. – Cleo is another automated assistant on Facebook Messenger. It seems to track bills a little better automatically, and give some nice daily-weekly updates. As with the others, it offers budgeting. With Cleo, you can ask questions about your finances such as “How much did I spend on Starbucks in July” and it will answer you. I’ve since stopped using this due to the others, but you may like the messenger aspect more!

Check out some of my favorite investing applications as well.
* Betterment (click here) – Want to invest and save but don’t have time to research the markets? Betterment may be for you! Betterment lets you set your risk for different goals you may have and it automatically invests for you. Fees are very low for it as well. 0.25% of the balance. They also have money market accounts. 33.35% cumulative return (8.06% annualized) since 2015.
Wealthfront (click here– Wealthfront, like Betterment, automatically invests your money. Though it doesn’t do partial investments, and it has a single goal (with a single risk). It’s free up to $10k of managed funds. Then after that is the same price as Betterment. 6.5% return since 2017
Marcus Bank – Marcus bank has some relatively high rates and an easy to use back end.
* Robinhood (click here– Robninhood is a free trading app that allows you to trade stocks without any fees at all. They also have the ability to trade on credit.
* Webull (click here) – Webull is another free trading app similar to Robinhood. It’s a bit faster than Robinhood to put trades through, and has a social aspect to trading. I think they go well hand in hand.
Lending Club (click here– Lending Club is a peer to peer lender, which has the possibility for some very high returns. 10.09% returns. (click here) – Ready to invest in Crypto? Simply by joining with the link, you’ll get $25! Interest rates go as high as 18% here too! (click here– Like Nexo offers interest on your crypto assets. Current rates go up to 12%. Nexo also carries $100M in insurance and allows you to take out loans against your balance.
Celcius Network (click here) – Celcius has been around for a while and is a trusted source to invest your crypto as well. They offer similar functions to Nexo, but higher rates at the moment. 

Here are some cash back and discount apps.
* Ebates/Rakuten (click here) – Ebates gives you a cash back percentage, from 1% all the way to 25% or higher on some stores. Virtually every store I’ve ever used is on the site. I’ve received $874 in cash back from them. 
* Honey (click here) – Honey is a Chrome extension that finds coupons for the site you’re on and saves you money. It also gives cash back on some sites. Works great and runs automatically, Pulled about $60ish so far.
* American Express Platinum (click here) – Okay, so this is a credit card. It’s also one of the more prestigious ones out there. I’m putting it on this list because it comes with a plethora of benefits and discounts at various spots. Don’t let the fee’s scare you, it totals out to about $50/year if you subtract the benefits. If you travel or want to travel, this card and the Chase Sapphire Reserve are my favorite premium cards at current. Chase doesn’t have a referral bonus, so no link there.
* Chase Ink Business Unlimited (click here) – Okay, okay, another card. Last one, I promise. This one is a great one for all around spending, since it gives 1.5% back on everything. I utilize this for spending where other cards don’t fit.
MyFuelRewards (click here) – This app links to your current credit card and saves you up to 35 cents per gallon at shell. It definitely adds up. T-mobile subscribers get a discount weekly.  Lifetime savings: $56.72
Dosh (click here) – Dosh links to your card and automatically gives you cash back at places you already shop. I’ve made $8.54 on this so far just by running in the background.
Drop (click here) – Just like Dosh, it links to your cards and automatically gives you cash back. I’ve made $10 on this just by running in the background.
Ibotta (click here)Get cash back on a plethora of items by uploading your receipt. They also give a $10 bonus when you reach $10 in cash back. I stopped using this, as it’s not automatic, requires you to select items in the app. 
Fetch Rewards (referral code: KT5PC) – Similar to Ibotta. Though seemed to cover more bases. This one does require scanning receipts. I’ve got about $10 in rewards here.
Shopkick (click here) – This one is pretty cool because you don’t even have to spend money to get cash back (gift cards for Amazon, Target, etc). You can get kicks for walking into stores, scanning items or for purchases. Edit: I will note, I didn’t get much out of this due to never shopping at the stores they have or ever buying any of the products with deals. I stopped using this one as it’s not automatic enough for me.
Mobile Performance Meter (click here) – The mobile performance meter is an app that runs on your phone to collect anonymous usage data for advertising (no you don’t get any ads or spam). It pays you points per day. You can also gain points by doing a monthly survey or inviting friends. Points can be redeemed for gift cards. – I’ve made $10 for doing nothing on this.
WikiBuy (click here) – It’s similar to Ebates, but only pays in gift cards. It also checks pricing for you on Amazon.
* Achievement (click here) – You can earn points for being active. Achievement links to popular activity trackers. In my case, I linked to Samsung health and have made about 18 bucks so far. 
Gabi (click here) – Gabi lets you upload your Insurance Declarations page and immediately finds you better rates for all types of insurance.
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