Email Scams – Things to Look for

Recently there have been quite a few email scams going around that can be quite dangerous if you fall for one. 


  • If you get an email from a friend asking for something. Always verify something only they would know or verify with them offline to make sure they actually requested. A common scam is to use a compromised email to send a message asking for help to all contacts. 
  • Always check the from domain and/or from address. Confirm it’s something you recognize.
  • In webmail and outlook, you can hover over a link to get the URL the link goes to. Does it reflect the website you want to visit? For example, if you receive an email from and your link reflects or, you don’t want to click it.

It’s always best to be as proactive as you can with email security, as a breach can cost an extensive amount of time and money. Here are some easy security practices for email:

  • Always enable multifactor where available. This will require a temporary code each time you log in to help prevent someone else logging in as you.
  • Never let your Email password be the same as other logins, this will help reduce the chance of a hacker getting in based on finding out a password from another site.
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